• Tremain Waterson
    UI / UX Design Consultant

    How a digital experience looks is only one part of the story, how a user interacts with this experience is crucial to successful design. This is where I add value by designing interfaces that champion consumer needs.

    About Me
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Design is a mindset, a passion something that lives with you day to day. Challenging the status quo is important to drive progression.

15 years experience

15 Years Experience

I have worked in digital for the past 15 years. As the field has progressed I have experienced and adapted to many changes. It's great to be part of an industry that is ever growing and moving forward. Exciting times...

team player

Team Player

Great things happen in a healthy collaborative working environment. Sharing thoughts, insights and ideas. By pulling together skills and resources, we can create the very best digital experiences.

responsive designer

Responsive Design(er)

Whether it be initial ideation/concept creation, building on an already established design pattern or establishing ia flows I adapt to role requirements.

Crafting Simple Solutions
to Complex Problems

Simplification of how data is displayed within a UI is key to allowing users consume information effectively.
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Some examples of work I have created


RBS Agile Markets Trading Platform

Project Image

UBS Neo Single Dealer Trading Platform

Project Image

O2 Mobile Proof of Concept

Project Image

O2 Priority Moments

Project Image

Mazda Thrill Seekers Campaign

Project Image

Barclays Western European Banking

Project Image

Tesco F&F

Project Image

NatWest 30 Years of Cricket

Project Image

Virgin Media

Project Image

Miguel Vaz Gra├ža

Capital Markets and eTrading User Centered Design and User Experience.

"Tremain is a fantastically professional and talented visual designer / creative, and a really nice guy! Rarely do you find a designer, especially in the FS space, who can grasp and add to complex FS Banking related concepts, run with them, and take constructive guidance positively. He was an indispensable team member and it would be a pleasure to work with him again and again"

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